Box Storage
Offsite archiving has never been so easy. Store with ASR and you will receive a bespoke service centred around your business. Every archive box that we store at our premises is individually bar-coded and scanned to an exact point in our warehouses.


Document Storage Boxes
We sell a large range of boxes catering to different styles of filing.
Want to put lever arch files straight into a box? ASR have you covered.
Need smaller boxes for easier office handling? No problem.
As long as you stay a storage customer, we will replace any boxes purchased from us for free.

File Cataloguing
Do you need your files organised, but don't have the time or staff?
ASR have staff who specialise in discreetly sorting customer filing into an efficient easy to use document log.
Many clients of ours have used temps for this type of work in the past, and regretted it when needing a file down the line. Skip the hard work and come straight to us!



Office Moves
Because ASR have worked closely with its customers over the years, we provide a range of services which suit their needs.
We have a team who specialise in helping you move office, making the transition easy and stress free, meaning you will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Let us know what you need
Call or email to talk us through what you need for your business, or organise a visit so our archive consultants can see exactly what your working with.